How to Focus on UV Protection this Spring and Summer

April 25, 2018

Despite these ongoing chilly temperatures, spring has officially arrived. Gone are the days of snow on the ground, blizzards in the forecast, and increased hours of darkness. The promises of blooming flowers, warmer weather, and increased sunshine are thankfully close at hand. The time for summer getaways, hours relaxing by the pool, and enjoying the great outdoors to the fullest are right around the corner, and that is certainly something to celebrate.

However, being excited about pleasant temperatures doesn’t mean we forget the possible risks involved in the upcoming months. We all know what this increased level of sunshine means; it’s time to focus on how we can be properly shielded from the welcome yet potentially hazardous sunshine.

The best way to stay protected from harmful UV rays is to not just wear sunglasses; you have to wear the right kind of sunglasses. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, proper sunglasses are key to protecting your eyes from sun-related damage, such as cataracts and even in some cases, cancer. Sunglasses should be worn any time you are outdoors, especially as the weather gets hotter in the summer, when you are at the beach, or when you are in the water.

While we can only assume you already own at least one pair of sunglasses, it is highly recommended that you closely examine the level of UV rays your current pair protects you from. The most qualified ophthalmologists recommend that you wear a pair of sunglasses with a 99% or higher level of absorbency. Do you wear contact lenses? See your doctor and ensure that they also properly protect your eyes from UV light.

In addition to choosing the correct pair of sunglasses, be aware of the other sources of UV light, in addition to natural sunlight. Even though it’s tempting to have your tan ready to go to the beach this spring and summer, avoid tanning beds and lights at all costs.
It’s easy to assume that we know everything there is to know about UV protection during the spring and summer months. But no matter what your knowledge level is, it never hurts to have a reminder of how to best enjoy the sunshine while simultaneously taking appropriate care of yourself.

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