Hunting Eye Safety

Eye Safety for Hunting Season

January 22, 2018

This fall, many hunters will be hitting the woods for their shot and bagging the perfect target. And while they may gather a collection of camouflage jackets, pants, boots, hats, and gloves, one item that seems to be greatly overlooked is protective eyewear. Before you head out to the woods this season, make sure to look over these tips, and bring the eye safety with you.

  1. Choose wraparound eye safety: this types of glasses will protect you from bright lights, flying debris, and scratches from branches while hunting.
  2. Get shatter resistant lenses: safety glasses that are shatter resistant will provide further protection to your eyes, and glasses that have Z87.1+ high-impact rating performed the best according to the NRA’s hunter magazine.
  3. Look for styles with adjustable options: you equipment will perform better if it fits right, and when it can adjust to fit the shape of your nose and temples, you’ll spend less time worrying about your eyewear and more time hunting.
  4. Consider foam padding: foam padding on the frame of your eyewear can offer additional protection from dust and flying debris. Keep in mind that foam padding may increase lense fogging in certain conditions.
  5. Look for a sweat bar: frame styles with a sweat bar will add stability and ensure a more secure fit. The sweat bar will reduce the likelihood of sweat dripping down into your eyes while hunting.
  6. Choose anti-fog lenses: having temperatures change along with physical exertion can cause you eyewear to fog up and impair vision. Prevent this from happening by purchasing anti-fog lenses.
  7. Choose the right color: there are many different types of hunting, so how do you know which color you should choose?
    1. Yellow and Orange: these color lenses block haze and blue light which helps increase contrast and depth perception.
    2. Bright Yellow: bright yellow lenses will help you see in low contrast and near dark settings.
    3. Purple: purple lenses are good for enhancing the orange clay of a target against a background full of trees.
    4. Vermillion: vermillion, or bright scarlet red, will help with situations where the background is varied, like trees and bushes, to help the target stand out.
    5. Gray: gray lenses will help you see target exactly as they are. These lenses will not enhance the target, however they will help reduce glare.
    6. Polarized: polarized lenses will reduce the glare caused by sunlight reflecting off water and other flat surfaces, which will enhance your outdoor vision overall.

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