Halloween Eye Safety

October 17, 2017

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays. There’s just something so fun about dressing up as whatever or whomever you want and seeing who can collect the most candy. But no matter what how old you are, there are always certain safety precautions you should take when it comes to eye safety on Halloween. Read more about the tips below to keep everyone happy this Halloween.



Halloween masks have come a long way, and as cool, creepy, and fun they are to wear, they can also be dangerous. Walking at night in a mask with small eye holes can make it very hard to see, so that’s why it’s a good idea to take a scissors and make the holes of the mask bigger. If you’re child is wearing a mask while walking at night for trick-or-treating, you can always have them take it off for the walking, and put it back on before they reach the door of the next house. Another great accessory to bring along is a flashlight, which will make it easier to see at night.



Costume makeup can often completely transform your costume, and isn’t always only used on your face. Make sure to not only pick a costume makeup that’s hypoallergenic, but test it out on your hand or arm to see if you react badly to it. Leave room around the eye makeup free to keep the makeup from running into your eye. This will ensure that you won’t get it in your eyes, and will prevent stinging or burning. After you’re done for the night, remove the makeup from your face or other parts of your body right away to stop the areas from becoming irritated.



The accessories for your costume can also be dangerous, especially if it’s a hard, sharp object. Any swords, knives, or other handheld accessory should be soft and flexible, so if you do fall, you won’t injure yourself. Always be careful when walking so you don’t trip over part of your costume, and if possible, try not to carry anything besides your treat bag!

If you do have questions about your eye health, after Halloween or anytime of the year, Friedrich’s Eye can help answer them. We have a teach of caring physicians that want both you and your eyes happy and healthy. Give us a call today at 815-895-3937 to set up an appointment, or visit our website.

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