Travel with a Spare Pair

March 2, 2017

Spring break is just around the corner and summer will soon be booked with weekend getaways. You look forward to vacations as an opportunity to have fun and relax with friends and family. You rarely daydream about your glasses becoming lost or broken and putting a damper on your itinerary. Being prepared ensures you will have the most memorable moments the next time you travel.

Pack an extra pair. They may be an old prescription or a style you no longer like, but it won’t matter if your glasses fall into the ocean or your contact gets lost in the sand. That spare pair will do its job until you can find a better solution.

Have your eye doctor’s contact information. If you need to order new glasses away from home, you can contact your eye care physician and ask them to send your prescription to you. Better yet, be sure you save a copy of your current prescription on your phone or pack it in your suitcase for emergencies.

Order a pair of prescription sunglasses. Many people make do by switching between their glasses and non-prescription sunglasses, wearing a hat or visor, or putting a large pair of sunglasses over their glasses. When you’re taking pictures on a hike or enjoying a beautiful sunset, you don’t want to miss a moment because you’re squinting or juggling glasses. Just take the leap and buy a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Remember the little extras. Pack a little screwdriver in case a screw comes loose while you’re dancing the night away. Bring a microfiber cleaning cloth and spray to clean your lenses after the catamaran ride. Remember your case so you can safely store your glasses while you nap on the beach or by the pool.

Before you board your plane or turn on your GPS, contact Friedrichs Eye or call 815-895-3973 and be prepared so you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

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